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At Sinfonía Digital, we specialize in web design in Barcelona. We craft your digital presence to help you reach your customers through the internet. Web design, SEO positioning and digital marketing in Barcelona.

We design your digital presence
so that you can expand your business
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Web Design in Barcelona

Web Design in Barcelona

Web development in Barcelona with craftsmanship quality.

• From corporate websites to ecommerce.

• Built with the latest standards to ensure that your website code is scalable, efficient and sustainable.

App Development in Barcelona

App Development in Barcelona

• Transform your website into a cross-platform app (Android, Apple, and Windows).

• Without duplicating code or generating additional maintenance.

• Increase usage time through push notifications and reduce the use of ad blockers.

SEO Positioning in Barcelona

SEO Positioning in Barcelona

• Appear in the top results on Google with an unbeatable SEO positioning strategy.

• Ensure that your potential clients find you before your competitors.

Digital Marketing in Barcelona

Digital Marketing in Barcelona

• Run SEM campaigns on Google to strengthen your brand from the start.

• Boost your business with inorganic positioning.

Email marketing with newsletters to build customer loyalty.

How much does it cost?


SEO Positioning Improvement
SEO Positioning Improvement
Do you already have a website? We improve its positioning

• Analysis of the current website

• Keyword study: what are your potential customers searching for?

• Text adaptation

• URL improvement

• Backlinks

• Google Business profile (visibility on Google Maps)

From 190 €
Web Design and Development
Web Design and Development
Complete digital presence

• Design on WordPress

• Multilingual

• Hosting + Domain

• Keyword analysis

• Text writing

• Submission to search engines

• Web analytics

• On-page SEO

From 450 €
Google Ads Campaigns (SEM)
Google Ads Campaigns (SEM)
Reach your customers with personalized ads

• Keyword selection

• Campaign design

• Promotional material

• Connection with Google Analytics (conversions)

• Maintenance

• Monthly performance report

From 140 €
* Prices do not include VAT

Our technologies

WordPress Web Design in Barcelona
Laravel in Barcelona
PHP developer
HTML, CSS and JS in Barcelona
SEM Barcelona
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Frequently Asked Questions

In a globalized and digitalized world, competition is fierce in any sector. In the past, a psychologist, for example, only had to stand out among others in their city to attract clients. However, nowadays, a psychologist competes against professionals from anywhere in the world, as a patient from Terrassa can be assisted by a psychologist from Madrid through online therapy.

That's why digital presence (website, social media profiles, visibility on Google Maps, etc.) is a necessity to succeed in your business.

A website with good SEO positioning brings you clients and visibility. It ceases to be an expense and becomes an asset. It helps you grow and establish yourself.

Think about it this way: How does a potential client find a business or professional in your industry? First, they will search Google for keywords related to your sector and visit the websites that appear first. Then, they will look at reviews from other clients and call a few to inquire about rates. If your website is among those first results, looks trustworthy, and is appealing, you will gain a new client. Simple as that.

Just as the sign on your storefront makes you visible from the street, a well-positioned website in search engines helps potential clients find you on the internet.

The goal of a website is not just to have one. It should follow a digital positioning strategy and be in line with your business plan. Pre-designed services offer poor SEO positioning, so yes, you can have a cheap website, but it will be ineffective and won't bring you clients.

At Sinfonía Digital, all our web designs are done with visibility in mind. Our main objective is for your website to be an asset, not an expense. For this, SEO positioning is essential.

Just as renting a space in the center of your city is more expensive than on the outskirts because it attracts more clients, a professional web design with good SEO positioning is also higher because it guarantees results. Turn the expense of the website into an investment, as there is a return in the form of new clients. In web design, going cheap can be costly.

WordPress is the tool par excellence for web design. Versatile, standardized, and allows limitless design possibilities.

Our company specializes in web design and SEO in Barcelona, particularly in WordPress web design.

Of course. We assist you in choosing the domain name (always with SEO in mind) and configure the hosting (private or shared), so you can focus exclusively on your professional services without worrying about anything else.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to increase the visibility of your website on search engines like Google. We apply effective SEO strategies to ensure that your website appears in the first results of Google, capturing the attention of new clients interested in your services.

All our web designs undergo external SEO audits. We provide you with the audit results so you can verify that, indeed, your website is well-optimized.

Our projects are typically completed in 2 weeks.

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About me

Sinfonía Digital

• Hello! My name is Miguel Martínez, I am a web and SEO designer in Barcelona, and I work with freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to design their online presence and boost their business.

• The website should serve as a gateway for new clients. Therefore, SEO positioning on Google is crucial. A website without good positioning is like a store in the desert; no matter how beautiful it is, it won't attract customers. My web designs are focused on ensuring that your potential clients find you before your competitors.

• As a freelance professional, I can offer you competitive prices since I don't have structural expenses to pass on to my clients, as agencies do.

A video is worth a thousand words
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How do you work?

Our philosophy

Craftsmanship Code

Craftsmanship Code

• Custom designs and handcrafted code for unique results.

• Craftsmanship code for flawless aesthetics designed exclusively for you.

• Built with the latest security standards to free you from maintenance and worries about your website.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

• Scalability, efficiency, and sustainability are the three pillars upon which we build.

• Our projects are developed using standardized technologies, ensuring that your projects are truly yours and can scale wherever you desire.



• Our websites have a primary goal: to position you at the top of Google.

• We plan a comprehensive strategy to ensure that your potential clients find you before your competitors.

• Boost your digital brand and dominate your industry.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

• We are your trusted partner in digital presence.

• We provide guidance on everything you may not be familiar with in the online world, allowing you to focus on what truly excites you.

• Establishing long-term business relationships for guaranteed success.

Can I see some examples?

Our projects

Web design for family counseling
Web design for psychologists
Web design and app for movie and series finder
Web design for digital store
Web design for psychological center
And what do the customers think?
I am delighted with the website that Miguel has made for me. Great person and great professional, I recommend him with my eyes closed.
Cristina MayordomoCristina Mayordomo
11:05 21 Feb 24
Miguel gave my website a facelift and since then I have gotten many more visitors and clients. Attentive, professional and very serious! Thank you very much, I am very happy!
Carolina SaguésCarolina Sagués
15:16 11 Feb 24
Very attentive and competent. You have captured what I wanted to convey in my web page. Thanks Miguel for making it possible. Needless to say I recommend you 100% :)
Elena CaballeroElena Caballero
12:04 05 Feb 24
Very professional and close at the same time. Very grateful for your knowledge and advice Miguel. Since you updated my Website, my work as a psychologist has increased exponentially. Thank you very much again Miguel!!!!
Aida AlbiarAida Albiar
18:20 29 Jan 24
I recommend Sinfonía Digital 100%. Great value for the price. Miguel is very responsible in his work and intelligent.
11:47 23 Jan 24
Thank you for your service! You have given us all the facilities. We have managed to occupy the first page of Google results for our niche, which was our main objective, so we are very happy :)
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