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We are your SEO agency in Terrassa. We position your website in the first results of Google so that more customers reach your business. Easy.

A website without good web positioning is like a store in the desert, it won't have visitors.

For any Google search, there are millions of results. Going from being #33 to the top 5 is everything for your business. If you're not in the top results, your website is useless. You'll have spent money on a web design that you don't make profitable.

What do we do?

Services as an SEO agency in Terrassa

Keyword research
Keyword research

• We discover the terms used by your potential customers to find you.

• We determine the search volume and competitiveness of each keyword.

• We select the most optimal keyword strategy for your company.

From €175
Text and URL writing
Text and URL writing

• We write and develop texts to optimize the SEO of your website.

• We craft URLs in a way that enhances the use of keywords.

• We improve your website performance to refine the SEO metrics.

From €175
Monthly SEO maintenance
Monthly SEO maintenance

• We create a content plan to position your website in the top results.

• We expand a network of backlinks to increase the authority of your domain and become a reference.

• We generate web traffic to bring you more clients.

From €150 / month
* VAT not included

Methodology for improving SEO in Terrassa


We brainstorm keywords that define your business. The longer, the better.

Search volume

We determine the search volume of each keyword for an initial screening.


We study the competitiveness of each keyword through SEO audits to identify opportunities.

Keyword selection

We choose keywords that offer the best balance between search volume and competitiveness.

Domain and URL

We select a domain and URLs that use the keywords to maximize results.

Text writing

We write texts using the selected keywords.

Content plan

We develop a content plan to boost your SEO in the long term.

Backlink acquisition

We create a network of backlinks to improve the authority of your domain in the eyes of Google.


We provide feedback from Google Search Console metrics to optimize results and identify new opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want your website to serve to get clients, you need a website optimized for SEO. As an SEO agency in Terrassa, we take care of optimizing your website so that you maximize your Google ranking.

However, it's not always necessary to invest a monthly amount in SEO positioning. It depends solely on the competitiveness of your keywords. In less competitive terms, to rank in the top 5 results, it's sufficient to have good code and texts that use keywords. In highly competitive terms, on-page SEO optimization must be accompanied by building a network of backlinks to increase domain authority, and this does involve a monthly investment.

During the keyword study, we select those that generate the best opportunities and, based on your available marketing budget, we jointly develop a strategy to make your website a reference for Google.

Any investment in SEO positioning takes a few weeks to take effect. Google gradually trusts new websites or major changes. It's common for it to take up to 3 months for the new web positioning to stabilize.

Once the SEO positioning has stabilized, the results are maintained for years. So, investing in SEO is effective in the medium and long term. But if you need to increase your traffic for a specific period, it's necessary to resort to SEM positioning strategies through Google Ads.

As an SEO agency in Terrassa, we maximize the results of your investment in SEO so that you rank at the top as soon as possible.

A blog allows you to create articles periodically and position new keywords, so yes, a blog helps you improve SEO in Terrassa and in any city.

That's why we recommend that your website be built on WordPress, as improving SEO positioning on WordPress is very simple.

A blog also facilitates the generation of natural backlinks, strengthening domain authority and improving its position in search results.

As an SEO agency in Terrassa, we provide you with monthly reports so that you can verify that both web positioning and web traffic are improving day by day.

Thanks to Google Search Console, we can continuously monitor variations in the positioning of your keywords.

Can I see some examples?

Our projects

Web design for family counseling
Web design for psychologists
Web design and app for movie and series finder
Web design for digital store
Web design for psychological center
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I am delighted with the website that Miguel has made for me. Great person and great professional, I recommend him with my eyes closed.
Cristina MayordomoCristina Mayordomo
11:05 21 Feb 24
Miguel gave my website a facelift and since then I have gotten many more visitors and clients. Attentive, professional and very serious! Thank you very much, I am very happy!
Carolina SaguésCarolina Sagués
15:16 11 Feb 24
Very attentive and competent. You have captured what I wanted to convey in my web page. Thanks Miguel for making it possible. Needless to say I recommend you 100% :)
Elena CaballeroElena Caballero
12:04 05 Feb 24
Very professional and close at the same time. Very grateful for your knowledge and advice Miguel. Since you updated my Website, my work as a psychologist has increased exponentially. Thank you very much again Miguel!!!!
Aida AlbiarAida Albiar
18:20 29 Jan 24
I recommend Sinfonía Digital 100%. Great value for the price. Miguel is very responsible in his work and intelligent.
11:47 23 Jan 24
Thank you for your service! You have given us all the facilities. We have managed to occupy the first page of Google results for our niche, which was our main objective, so we are very happy :)
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